Sunday, September 7, 2014

Nail Art: #31DC2014 Day 7 Black & White

For the daily nail art challenge, today's prompt was black and white! I was really excited about this one because the colors are so simple (not really colors at all). I feel like with the absence of color  I could focus more on the design. I ended up doing a dry marble which has been somewhat difficult for me in the past. I only recently figured out that using a nail art brush is much easier than a toothpick, I don't know why that realization took me so long! The black I used is discontinued: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro, but the 60 Second line they have now is also great. I used a Pure Ice white. You could use any black and white. I have a ton in my collection and rotate them based on what I am using them for. 

I got a few compliments while I was out and about today with these nails, which was nice to hear. I think these turned out a little goth for me. I usually like to wear those almost black, but not black colors, but a stark black is somewhat unusual. I like it though! I was sorry to have to take it off. I have tons of great ideas in my head for more black and white designs I may incorporate later in this challenge! For more details about the challenge, see the FAQs below and if you missed my past posts they are linked below as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love that marbelized black and white. Its very cool looking.

  2. These are really beautiful. I'd never considered using a nail art brush for the technique either. I just always do a base layer & let dry before applying the polishes for the dry marble.

  3. Thank you! I was going for smokey and ended up with marble, but I still liked it a lot!

  4. The brush made all the difference for me!


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