Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nail Art: #31DC2014 Day 15 Delicate Print

I am still behind in the #31DC2014 challenge, but not by much! Day 14 was delicate print. I went the easy route and stamped. I'm not sure if some might call this cheating, but I don't care, stamping is hard and I'm pressed for time! I started with a base of the beautiful Orly Flawless Flush. I think Flawless Flush really is flawless, it is such a gorgeous soft shade that I think everyone needs. I then stamped a fleur-de-lis pattern over that. The stamp I used was from the MoYou Tourist Collection 07 plate, man I love that plate! I then added some dots that kind of look like studs. I really wanted to use studs but the square gold ones I have a re just a bit too big for my nails. 

Easy peasy. I liked this look a lot, just because the subtle shades and quickness. I promise I will do more complicated nail art before the challenge is over, I have just been a bit busy lately. I hope you like this simple look and come back for more designs soon! I posted the FAQs for the challenge below and links to my previous posts. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh My Gosh, that is hilarious! I even have Flawless Flush, how crazy would it have been if I had used it?! Haha. Yours looks awesome!

  2. That would have been awesome! I love your nails! Thank you!

  3. I love love LOVE these colors together! I have Flawless Flush untried and I'm totally stealing this idea! *stolen*

  4. Do it! I love Flawless Flush. Really one of my favorite Orlys this year!


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