Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Above The Curve Nail Lacquer Harry Potter Collection!

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Today I have a new to me indie brand to share with you! Above the Curve Nail Lacquer recently released their Harry Potter Inspired Collection and I couldn't be more excited to play with these! I love Harry Potter and have been a fan for a really long time. I was send Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Patronus Charm, and Wingardium Leviosa for review. There are others in the collection, and I suggest you take a look at their Etsy shop. I added a bit of nail art as well to be able to count this for the daily nail art challenge! Today's challenge is inspired by a book.

Gryffindor is a maroon, holographic polish with glints of gold! It has a strong holographic shift in the sunlight. I used three coats here. The first coat was really patchy, but it evened out really well after the next coat. Photos below are shown without top coat. You see a little bit of texture from the glitter, but it evens out with top coat.

Hufflepuff is a soft yellow creme with multi-size black glitter. I did have to fish out the larger black glitter, but it wasn't too difficult. I used three coats, it has a similar formula to Gryffindor in the sense that it takes a few coats and that the first coat is patchy.

Patronus Charm is a holographic silvery blue. It is very luminescent! I only needed two coats for this color. It applies really nice and isn't at all streaky. 

Wingardium Leviosa is a nice purple hued pink holo. This one is also only two coats with no streakiness. It is a really girly color!

I created a little bit of nail art to go with each color, I just used acrylic paint for each. For the first one, I just painted the deathly hallows over Gryffindor.

For Hufflepuff, I painted a witch hat.

For Patronus Charm, I painted a stag. It was my first time, so don't judge too harshly!

For Wingardium Leviosa, I attempted to paint a broomstick.

I thought this collection was really great! I think my favorite is Gryffindor, not just because of Harry, but the glitter in it is stunning and the holo is amazing! I think they are all great quality and I am glad they did Harry Potter justice!
Above The Curve Nail Lacquer:

I will leave you with this nerdy photo:


  1. Lovely collection! I think I like Gryffindor the best too :)

    Awesome collection and although there are more of these collections out there, this one is completely different than the others and still totally appropriate! Impressive!

  3. I have yet to see an Above the Curve nail polish that I didn't like, and these are no exception. Sadly I still don't own any, I think I might have to change that and get

  4. I love HP! All of these colors are awesome but I really love Gryffindor!

  5. These look great and your nail art is perfect!! Great job!

  6. Beautiful swatches! I like the nail art you paired them with :)

  7. I love all of these but Patronus Charm is amazing!!! Gorgeous swatches and I love the nail art!!

  8. What a beautiful collection! Gorgeous swatches!

  9. These polishes all look great!! I love Harry Potter so much, pretty sure I need these haha!

  10. I'm kind of obsessed with HP and kind of want to read them all over again now!

  11. You do! Not that I am enabling or anything, but yeah, go get them!

  12. I was surprised at how much I liked Patronus Charm. I usually don't like ice-blues, but this is stunning!


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