Saturday, October 26, 2013

Swatch and Review of OPI: A Woman's Prague-ative

I have a swatch and review to share with you along with a little nail art at the end, just in time for Halloween! This is actually a swatch and review of a polish I have worn before, I added it to my toes for summer and now it is on my nails for fall! This is OPI A Woman's Prague-ative from the Euro Centrale Collection from Spring 2013. I love the whole collection, I may have most of it now. This one somehow was really special to me because I lived in Prague for a time. This color doesn't remind me of the city at all, but it is gorgeous nonetheless. Check it out:

It reminds me of a somewhat burnt orange, but still looks bright. It is shimmery and it applies pretty well. I have three coats here and I probably could have done a fourth. I would say that this is the biggest drawback to this polish. I really feel like if you need four coats to cover well, you may as well get a different polish. I think this color is really unique though. One color reminds me of this, and that is butter LONDON's Sunbaker, but that is much more rusty. I decided to make it a little more seasonal:

I hate spiders, I don't know why I did this, but I kind of love it for Halloween. I saw a similar design on Facebook somewhere, so I thought I would recreate it. It isn't super spooky but that's how I like it! Hope you enjoy it!

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