Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Swatch and Review of Orly: Faint of Heart, Monroe's Red and Space Cadet

Today I have three Orly polishes to share with you! Faint of Heart, Monroe's Red and Space Cadet are three great colors that have been sitting in my untried pile for far too long. I have been working hard to get through my untrieds, and every time I am ashamed at how long it took me to try some of these lovely polishes! 

First up is Faint of Heart. It is a brown toned grey with miniscule black specks. It is really a unique grey. It has great coverage in two coats and like most of my Orlys no issues with application. I see this as one of those ugly-pretty colors (yes I stole that phrase from Tyra ANTM), but it is pretty much a guarantee that you won't have a dupe in your collection.

Monroe's Red is a little more sheer, it took three coats to get perfect coverage. I love this candy apple red! It looks like an old school pinup girl's nails. I can see shimmer in the bottle but it is barely there on the nail. Perhaps in direct sunlight, it would be more visible.

Oh Space Cadet, this has been on my list for such a long time. This is one of those amazing duochromes. It shifts from pink to green and has a great shimmer. This was three coats, two was just a little less coverage than I like. 

How gorgeous are these polishes?? I love all three, Orly is one of my favorite brands, really the only problem I have ever had with Orly is Melodious Utopia staining my nails like crazy, but these three were fantastic. Highly recommended. What is your favorite Orly? I just picked up a new neon, I can't wait until summer when I can use it more often!


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