Monday, October 20, 2014

Dermelect: Take Two

So, some of you may remember my previous experience with the brand Dermelect. I was really upset that the beautiful color had chipped within a day. Yes, a day. I was at my local Ulta and saw these three Dermelect polishes on clearance. I grabbed them, then put them back a couple of times before finally deciding to give them a second chance. I decided that I would do a bit of a wear test on one to make sure it lasted more than a day, so I could share them with you. The three colors I have are Ferosh, Renegade, and Fearless. 

Ferosh is the polish I decided to wear test for you. I used Essie Grow Stronger basecoat, because I know that one lasts well on my nails and I didn't want to blame the basecoat if this didn't work out! I then added two coats of Ferosh and a top coat. I wore this for two solid days before I removed it and I didn't have any chipping issues. There was a bit of wear on the tips, but nothing abnormal. The application was great and the formula was really nice. I love this oxblood/brown color!





Fearless is a bright blue that looks perfect for summer. It almost reminds me of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. The formula is amazing and I only needed two coats here.





Renegade is a spearmint type of green on the nail, but looks a lot different in the bottle. I did shake this up quite a bit, but that bright green you see on the bottom just wouldn't integrate. Nevertheless, the color is really nice and again the formula is great. I used two coats here.





So, I have to say, I don't know what happened in that last review I did. Maybe it was that specific color or maybe the basecoat I used then just didn't react well with the polish. Whatever it was, I am glad I gave Dermelect a second try. These are beautiful colors and the formulas are impeccable. I hope you like them. I definitely won't hesitate in buying these again.


  1. The blue and the green polishes are beautiful!


  2. Never heard of this brand! But looking very good. Love that last one, I have a weak spot for mint/ green/ teal polishes <3

  3. I love them too! Those are my favorite colors!

  4. Me too! I can't tell you how many mint/teal polishes I have!

  5. I'm glad you gave them a second chance! I've never tried the brand, but I think it's good to give things a second chance. Who knows what was happening that first time, like you said, so I'm glad you liked them better this time!


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